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Hi. This is Niso, the owner of Colorado EZ Locksmith. Our locksmith is a locally-owned business that has been providing Denver, CO locksmith services for over 12 years. We offer residential, automotive and commercial lock installation and repair services.

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Which Door Lock Problems Should Not Be Ignored?

The swift and smooth function of door locks keeps our homes safe and secure. Yet, we end up ignoring the signs of a worn-out lock, not realizing we’re compromising on our safety.

Specific door problems shouldn’t be neglected at all costs. Failure to tend to lock issues may result in unwanted consequences.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the door lock problems that you shouldn’t ignore and tips on how to fix them.

  • Loose Door Locks and Wobbly Knobs

Let’s start with one of the most common issues almost every homeowner comes across in their life — a loose door lock. How does this happen? Well, all parts of the door are interconnected, and after extended usage, the door handles and the lock both get wobbly and loose.

Why it’s a Problem: It may not seem like a serious issue; however, imagine being locked out of your house due to faulty locks after a long day at work. Apart from that, there’s also an increased risk of forced entry into your home.

How to Fix: You don’t want your house to be vulnerable due to a loose lock. Here’s what you can do:

  • Grab a screwdriver and tighten the bolts of your lock.
  • Call a professional residential locksmith to repair or replace the lock.


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  • Increased Friction and Resistance

Does it take you multiple tries to insert or turn your key in the door lock? There’s a huge chance that some sort of obstruction is causing that problem. 

The feeling of your lock pushing the key out of it means that there’s the presence of dust, debris, and other particles in between the lock mechanism. Not only that, but the lock components that have undergone wear and tear can also block the key insertion paths.

Why it’s a Problem: Getting locked out of the house is not the ideal situation, and neither is having security risks, which is why it’s important to take care of your door locks. Inconveniently, you’ll also have to spend money to repair or replace the malfunctioning lock.

How to Fix: You can save the repairing costs and prevent security risks by:

  • Use a silicone lubricant occasionally to ease the lock mechanism.
  • Get your lock cleaned up either yourself or professionally.
  • Get experts to assess the situation and deal with the problem.
  • Misaligned Locks

Notice your keys inserted in the lock and turning correctly, but the door still won’t lock or open? That’s due to the misalignment of the strike plates. 

This can happen either due to people yanking on the door handles aggressively or improper installation of the doors, causing a misalignment between the deadbolt and strike plates.

Why it’s a Problem: Houses where doors are not locked properly are at a high risk of getting robbed, which is something you surely want to avoid. You’re also likely to get your key broken due to the excessive force.

How to Fix: Misaligned locks are scary, but it’s easy to prevent them by:

  • Close the doors gently so the lock system doesn’t get disturbed.
  • Call a residential locksmith to make the relevant adjustments to your lock.
  • Faulty Smart Lock

Many people have shifted toward enhanced security systems like smart locks, but what happens when it’s causing an issue? Things like connectivity problems, glitches in software, power outages, and dead batteries can leave you locked out of your home.

Why it’s a Problem: Malfunctioning smart locks can be frustrating as you can’t just fix it with a screwdriver. The longer the lock is impaired, the more vulnerable your home is.

How to Fix: Proper actions can prevent and fix smart lock errors.

  • Always have extra batteries on your hand.
  • Keep your lock software system updated.
  • Call a locksmith if you’re stuck in a lock crisis.

Can’t Get Your Door to Open? Let the Professionals Handle It

Doors can be durable, but they are expected to have lock problems occasionally—you just have to know how to handle them. Maintaining the locks will prevent any mishaps; however, if you’re stuck in an unsolvable door lock jam, contact reliable locksmiths in Denver.

EZ Locksmith is equipped with all the necessary tools and a skilled workforce that’ll help you with door lock issues at any time.

Table of Contents

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