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Hi. This is Niso, the owner of Colorado EZ Locksmith. Our locksmith is a locally-owned business that has been providing Denver, CO locksmith services for over 12 years. We offer residential, automotive and commercial lock installation and repair services.

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About Us

About Colorado EZ Locksmith in Denver, CO

My name is Niso, and I am your Colorado EZ locksmith. I have been working as a locksmith for almost 20 years now, and locks have always played a big role and adventures in my life since childhood.

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I have been playing with locks since I was little. Locks hold a lot of mystery for me, and I wanted to know how locks work.

It was just like an addiction. Locks were the passion of my life. I had locks and locksmith tools and locksmith books everywhere in my room. All locks fascinated me. Padlocks, door locks, car locks, anything that has been locked intrigued me. When I was at school, all I would do was think about locks and lock picking instructions, how they work and how to pick them open with various techniques.

When I arrived in America in 2003, a locksmith was the only job that I could find.

I started to work for other locksmiths and slowly worked my way up the ranks. By 2007, I paid all of my dues and knew just about everything there is to know about locks and keys. In 2007, I decided it was time to do things on my own; so, Colorado EZ Locksmith was born.

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More about Colorado EZ Locksmith

Colorado EZ locksmith is a family-owned locksmith company. We have been serving the Denver Metropolitan area for over 15 years now. Our locksmiths are experienced, highly trained, and insured professionals who can handle lockouts of any kind as well as installing high-security locks on your doors or windows.

We also provide residential locks services such as changing locksets, re-keying locksets and installing new door knobs to make life easier for you in your home or office. If you need help with car lockout service too, then we are here for you 24 hours a day, locksmith, seven days a week – just call us! Let our team be there when you need them most!

All this doesn’t come with an expensive price tag either. You can rest assured that we have locksmiths in Denver who are affordable and get the job done right!

We are Colorado EZ locksmith, a locksmith company that has been serving the Denver Metropolitan area for over 15 years. We offer locksmith services and locks installation in both residential and commercial properties. We specialize in automotive locksmith services for your needs in this regard as well. We have locksmiths who are affordable and get their jobs done right.

Client stories

Sara W.Kwikset lock change – Sara W. – Aurora, CO

I used Colorado EZ locksmith recently after I moved. The locks in my new house were Kwikset locks, and they seemed a bit outdated for my liking.

So, I called them up and asked if they could recommend me locks that are more secure than the ones I was using at the moment.

They came to my home and helped me install three locks on all of my windows, including french doors, which lead out to the back yard. They really made this process look easy since I didn’t have to give them any extra info or anything like that. After they were done changing locks on each window and door and making some changes in the lock combination on one of my patio, everything looked perfect!

Martin V.Change lock combination of a Schlage lock – Martin V. – Denver, CO.

I have bought a new house in Denver recently, and when I moved in, I wondered who else got a copy of my new home. So, I called the Colorado EZ locksmith to come over and change the lock’s combination so we can protect our family better from now on.

Rene Y.Home key duplication service – Rene Y. – Denver, CO

I recently had to have my locks rekeyed at home due to a break-in where someone had stolen copies of my keys. I called EZ, and they came in about 20 minutes from when I called which was a pleasant surprise.

The locksmith technician who came to my home was very friendly and super helpful. He even helped me make copies of the keys he had made for me, so now I have an extra set at all times!

Dave D.Re key service – Dave D. – Lakewood, CO

A very weird thing happened to me a few weeks back. My locks went out of order for some reason. So, I called Colorado EZ locksmith, and they came in about 20 minutes. Highly recommended locksmith service with affordable locksmith rates.

James R.Create a master key system – James R. – Aurora, CO

I needed a master key system at my restaurant in Denver. I had never done this before and didn’t know where to start, so I called Colorado EZ locksmith. They told me what locks would work best for my business and came in about 25 minutes after I called them, which was very fast!

Now I’m in control of all the doors and locks at my restaurant. With the master key system, I can give access or avoid it as needed, and I’m the only one with the master key to all of my locks.

They have been working like a charm now for over one month! Highly recommended locksmith service with affordable locksmith rates.

Amilia U.Deadbolt services – Amilia U. – Westminster, CO

We needed locks to be changed in the entire office building we had recently leased. Since I am quite new to this area, I needed locksmith services for all of my deadbolts.

I called up Colorado EZ locksmith, and their locksmiths came in about 30 minutes which was good. They changed locks on each of our locks with ease and made them look brand new again! Highly recommended locksmith service with affordable locksmith rates.

Harry T.Emergency lockout services – Harry T. – Aurora, CO

We needed locks to be changed in a home we were renting. I called up Colorado EZ locksmith, and their locksmiths came in about 22 minutes which was good. The service is affordable, and the locksmith has a very good and comical personality—highly recommended locksmith service with affordable locksmith rates.

Brian A.Bedroom lockout services – Brian A. – Englewood, CO

My five-year-old boy locked himself in the bedroom while I was in the shower. He managed to lock the door from inside, and I had no idea about it.

I tried rescuing him myself, but the locks were pretty strong. It was a double-locked bedroom with deadbolt locks as well.

I called Niso from Colorado EZ locksmith, and their locksmiths came in about 15 minutes! Great services.

0028 Layer 137Gate lock repair – Ely S. – Denver, CO

We had a gate lock that we couldn’t open. So, I called Colorado EZ locksmith, and their locksmiths came in about 17 minutes which was good. They were very professional.

The locksmith explained to us what problem we have been having and how he was going to repair it. He took care of the locksmith problem in no time, and we were up and running again.

Highly recommended locksmith service with affordable locksmith rates.

sara dKey making services – Sarah D. – Denver, CO

I lost my car key while going to the office yesterday morning and didn’t know what to do! One of my friends suggested that I get new locks on my car doors and a new key from a locksmith.

Colorado EZ technician was here within 17 minutes, which was awesome. They were very professional and gave me an excellent price for the locks and keys! Highly recommended!


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