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Hi. This is Niso, the owner of Colorado EZ Locksmith. Our locksmith is a locally-owned business that has been providing Denver, CO locksmith services for over 12 years. We offer residential, automotive and commercial lock installation and repair services.

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Can A Commercial Locksmith Help With Broken Or Damaged Locks?

Regarding commercial security, door locks can significantly protect your pricey valuables and employees. However, even the most powerful and durable locks can succumb to wear and tear over time.

In this blog, we will examine how a commercial locksmith can help you keep your house safe and how to deal with broken or damaged locks, along with some additional related information.

Role of a commercial locksmith

A professional commercial locksmith is more than just a key cutter. They are skilled experts with modern tools for lock-related issues, from simple repairs to complex security system installations.

Contrary to popular belief, a locksmith’s role is wider than that of key cutting. These versatile professionals can protect residential and commercial properties through various tasks.

A commercial locksmith’s services can significantly enhance your property’s security, from fortifying your property with strong locking systems and deadbolts to swiftly addressing lock issues.

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Additionally, they are adept at addressing emergencies such as lockouts and providing swift solutions to regain access without compromising the integrity of the property.

Moreover, they are proficient at discussing emergencies such as lockouts and providing smooth solutions to regain access without neglecting the integrity of the property.

Common Reasons for Broken Locks 

Damaged door locks can be caused by several cases, including:

  • Wear and Tear: Even if a lock is operated regularly, internal parts can break and lose some of their functionalities over time.
  • Climate Exposure: Lock systems might fail rapidly in high humidity, low temperatures, and even hot water.
  • Unintentional Entry Attempts: Criminal exercise or failed attempted break-ins may spoil the lock’s structural stability and make it unproductive.
  • Poor Installation: Bad installation or low-quality usage of hardware parts might damage the lock’s reliability, making it more likely to fail too soon.
  • Lack of Care: Failing regular maintenance, including lubrication or adjustments, can make locks likely to be damaged. 

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Signs of a Damaged Lock 

Identifying the signs of a damaged lock is important so security issues can be fixed immediately. If you experience problems turning your key, such as getting stuck or being hard to revive, the lock mechanism may be misaligned or have internal damage.

Issues may occur if the handle rattles excessively, appears unstable or loose, or the bonding between the handle and the lock mechanism is damaged.

When locking or unlocking the door, awkward noises such as scraping and grinding are heard, which can indicate internal damage.

Moreover, prominent physical degeneration, such as rust, rot, corrosion, dents, or scratches, points to overuse or outside forces diluting the lock’s structure. 

Picking up the Right Residential Locksmith 

  • Reputation: Search for locksmiths with a strong background, expertise, and dependability.
  • Background: Select locksmiths with noteworthy experience delivering local lock services to ensure mastery in managing various challenges. 
  • Qualifications: To provide excellent service and adhere to industry standards, as well as confirm insurance, licenses, and certifications.

House owners prioritizing these factors can locate a reliable locksmith who can guarantee their properties. 

Expertise of a commercial locksmith

  • Lock replacements and repair:

A professional commercial locksmith replaces old and outdated locks and fixes damaged locks to ensure the security and safety of your commercial spaces’ entry points. 

  • Lock Rekeying: 

Updating your commercial property locks may make you feel more confident and relaxed, as your property will receive an extra layer of security.

  • Support in Surprising Lockouts: 

Professional commercial locksmiths are available 24/7, so when you are locked out of your commercial property, remember that a professional locksmith can help you.

Want to add an extra layer of security to your commercial spaces?

To cut a long story short, changing locks should be considered when damaged or broken. If someone else has a key to unlock your commercial premises, consider replacing it. This can be a previous owner of the place or someone who used to be there before you.

EZ Locksmith is the most reliable commercial locksmith. They offer competitive rates and are available 24/7. They have years of experience and know all the tricks and tactics to solve your locking issues.

You may consider EZ Locksmith if you are searching for a professional commercial locksmith near your area.  So, schedule a meeting with them or call them to make your commercial space safe for you and your employees.

Table of Contents

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