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Can a Locksmith Copy the Key Without the Original?

  • What is Key Duplication? 
  • How Do Locksmiths Copy Keys Without the Original? 
  • Responsible Duplication 
  • Choose a Trustworthy Locksmith 

Have you ever forgotten your keys and found yourself looking blankly at a locked office door? This circumstance is more common than you may expect. In today’s fast-paced business environment, missing keys can cause delays, missed deadlines, and security breaches. But don’t worry, locksmiths can unlock your doors and make duplicate keys even if you don’t have the original. 

What is Key Duplication? 

Key duplication is the process of producing an identical copy of an existing key. Traditionally, this requires a key blank (an uncut metal piece) and a key duplicating machine. The locksmith aligns the original key with the blank, then the machine cuts the blank to match the original’s grooves and ridges. This technique is effective and reliable. But what happens if the original key is lost or stolen?  

How Do Locksmiths Copy Keys Without the Original? 

The good news is that locksmiths have several ways to copy keys without the original. Here are some methods they use: 

  • Key Decoding 

Some locks, especially older pin tumbler locks, leave tiny imprints on the internal mechanism when a key is inserted and rotated. This information and the lock’s model number allow locksmiths to make a key copy with specialized software and tools. 

  • Impressioning 

This complex procedure involves inserting a filed blank key into the lock and twisting it to disclose the design of the internal pin. The locksmith then files the blank and creates a key that activates the lock. This approach needs expertise and may not work with all lock types.  

  • Key Cloning for Transponder Keys 

For keyless entry systems, the technique involves replicating the digital signature encoded in the original key fob or card. It requires specialized technology and skill but ensures access is regained even without a physical key.  

Responsible Duplication 

While locksmiths can duplicate without the original, it is essential to understand the legal and ethical implications. Most commercial locksmiths will request confirmation of ownership or authority before duplicating keys for a business setting. This may require showing a business ID, contacting the assigned manager, or submitting a formal authorization letter.

For newer keyless entry systems, the process involves replicating the digital signature encoded in the original key fob or card. This needs specific equipment and skill, but it assures that access can be restored even without an actual key.  

Illegal key duplication is a serious concern for companies. A copied key in the wrong hands may lead to security breaches and theft. Always use a locksmith that values security and validates your identification before making any key duplicates.  

Choose a Trustworthy Locksmith 

With so much reliance on key security, it is essential to ensure you hire a qualified locksmith. Here are a few tips: 

  • Verify licensing and insurance 

Ensure that the locksmith is licensed in your state and has insurance to cover possible damage during their job. 

  • Research online reviews 

Check websites and customer feedback to figure out the locksmith’s reputation and service quality. 

  • Inquire about experience

Inquire about their expertise in working with commercial properties and their techniques for key duplication without the original. 

  • Get a clear quote

Before proceeding, get a written estimate that details the cost and timeline for the service. 

Remember that the cheapest choice is not necessarily the best. Investing in a qualified locksmith offers reliable support and focuses on your business’ protection.  

Losing your original key could be upsetting, but it does not have to put your company on hold. Commercial locksmiths have the equipment and expertise to make copies even without the original. But of course, emphasizing security is essential.  

Don’t Let a Missing Key Affect You  

Being locked out may be challenging, especially for a company. Fortunately, you won’t have to replace expensive locks or deal with delays caused by missing keys. EZ Locksmith is your solution for all your key duplicating needs, even if the original key is lost. Our professional locksmiths use advanced procedures including key decoding, impressioning, and key cloning. We know the value of security, that’s why we ensure to identify and authorize users before duplicating any keys for your company. 

Do not wait until a missing key hinders your business. Contact EZ Locksmith and enjoy having a dependable partner for all your locksmith needs.

Table of Contents

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