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Hi. This is Niso, the owner of Colorado EZ Locksmith. Our locksmith is a locally-owned business that has been providing Denver, CO locksmith services for over 12 years. We offer residential, automotive and commercial lock installation and repair services.

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Do Locksmiths Replace Door Knobs

Do you need to replace your door knobs? Don’t fret! Locksmiths are here to help. With their expertise in door hardware replacement, they ensure a smooth and efficient process. By hiring a locksmith in Denver, you can enjoy various benefits, such as expert guidance in choosing the perfect door knob and proper installation. So, why struggle with DIY when locksmiths offer top-notch service? Let them handle your door knob replacement needs hassle-free.

Locksmiths: The Experts in Door Hardware Replacement

Locksmiths are your go-to experts for replacing door hardware. When it comes to common door knob problems, they have the solutions to fix them. Whether your door knob is loose, sticky, or completely broken, locksmiths can diagnose the issue and provide the necessary repairs. They have the knowledge and tools to handle any type of door knob problem efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, locksmiths are well-versed in the different types of door knobs and their features. They can help you choose the right door knob for your specific needs and preferences. From traditional round knobs to modern lever handles, locksmiths can guide you through the various options available. They can explain the features and benefits of each type, such as durability, security, and ease of use. With their expertise, locksmiths ensure that your door hardware is not only functional but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your home. 

So, the next time you encounter a door knob problem or need to replace your door hardware, rely on locksmiths to get the job done right.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith in Denver for Door Knob Replacement

When hiring a professional locksmith for door knob replacement, you can expect a quick and efficient service. Here are three benefits of hiring a professional locksmith for door knob replacement:

  1. Cost-effective solutions: A professional locksmith can provide cost-effective solutions for door knob replacement. They have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the right type of door knob that fits your budget and needs. Additionally, they can help you avoid unnecessary expenses by fixing any underlying issues that may have caused the need for replacement in the first place.
  2. Time-saving alternatives: Hiring a professional locksmith saves you time and effort. They have the tools and equipment to quickly replace your door knob without causing any damage to your door or surrounding areas. This means you can have your door knob replaced in no time, allowing you to get on with your day without any inconvenience.
  3. Expertise and quality work: Professional locksmiths have the expertise and experience to handle door knob replacement with precision and accuracy. They can ensure that the new door knob is properly installed and functions smoothly. With their knowledge and skills, you can expect high quality work that will last for a long time, giving you peace of mind and saving you from any future headaches.

Understanding the Process of Door Knob Replacement by Locksmiths

To understand how locksmiths replace door knobs, let’s delve into the step-by-step process they follow. First, they will assess the type and style of the door knob to determine the most suitable replacement. There are various door knob styles available, such as lever handles, knob sets, and mortise locks. Once the locksmith has identified the correct replacement, they will remove the old door knob. This may involve unscrewing the mounting screws or removing the faceplate and latch assembly. After removing the old knob, the locksmith will install the new door knob, ensuring it is securely attached and functions properly. 

The cost of door knob replacement may vary depending on factors such as the type of knob, labor charges, and any additional services needed. It is advisable to consult with the locksmith beforehand to get an accurate estimate of the cost involved.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Door Knob With the Help of a Locksmith

Consider various factors when choosing a new door knob with the assistance of a residential locksmith in Denver. To ensure you make the right choice, keep the following considerations in mind:

  1. Choosing the right style of door knob: Door knobs come in various styles, including traditional, modern, and vintage. Consider the overall aesthetic of your home and the specific room where the door knob will be installed. A cohesive style will enhance the overall look and feel of your space.
  2. Considerations for door knob material and durability: Different materials offer varying levels of durability and maintenance requirements. Common materials include brass, stainless steel, and ceramic. Think about the amount of traffic the door knob will experience and choose a material that can withstand regular use without showing signs of wear and tear.
  3. Functionality and security: Evaluate the functionality and security features of the door knob. Consider factors such as ease of use, compatibility with your existing door hardware, and additional security features like keyless entry or smart lock integration. Prioritize both convenience and security when making your decision.

How Locksmiths Ensure Proper Installation of Door Knobs

Locksmiths ensure proper installation of door knobs by carefully aligning the hardware and securely attaching it to the door. When installing a door knob, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a successful installation. First, it is important to measure the size of the existing hole in the door to ensure the new door knob will fit properly. Additionally, make sure to align the latch plate with the strike plate on the door frame to ensure smooth operation. One common mistake in door knob replacement is failing to tighten the screws enough, which can result in a loose or wobbly knob. Another mistake is not using a level to ensure that the knob is installed straight. By following these tips and avoiding common mistakes, locksmiths can ensure that door knobs are properly installed and function correctly.


So, there you have it! Locksmiths, the magical experts of door hardware replacement, are here to save the day. With their professional skills and knowledge, they ensure that your new door knob is installed properly and securely. But remember, choosing the perfect knob is no joke – consult with your trusty locksmith to make the right decision. 

Don’t let your door knob become a knobhead! Trust the experts to handle it with finesse. Dial 720-951-4061 to hire a licensed, bonded and insured locksmith in Denver today! 

Table of Contents

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