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Can an Automobile Locksmith Design a BMW Key?

As per the latest research, 30% of car owners often misplace their car keys almost every week! Sounds like a lot, but unfortunately, these statistics are coming from local news sites. 

If you have happened to lose your car key as well any time recently, you might be feeling a bit annoyed. Don’t fret. Let us assure you that you’re not the only one experiencing it. 

Many vehicle owners can prevent such day-ruining events from taking place by keeping an extra spare key with them. Every year, the key types are also advancing with car technologies.

What used to be a smart fob with simple functions is now loaded with many features depending on how the car is designed. Are you wondering if a skilled auto locksmith is actually capable of making a new car key for a car such as BMW? In this article, we are going to discuss just that! 

About BMW Motor Vehicles 

For a considerable duration, Germany has held the top spot as the global leader in luxury car manufacturing, with BMW standing out as a prime example. Captivating both young males and females early on, BMW’s allure lies not only in its stunning aesthetics but also in its outstanding performance. Having amassed a sales record exceeding 10 million units across various makes and models, the German automaker continues to command attention. 

Anticipation surrounds the unveiling of their latest models and concepts, underscoring the necessity of entrusting a professional for BMW servicing to ensure seamless performance on the road. Amidst these servicing routines, it’s important for BMW owners to remember the comprehensive care of their vehicle, including attention to the door locks, trunk, ignition system, and alarm system.

What Are Your Options if Your BMW Car Key Has Failed? 

If your BMW car key has suddenly stopped working for any reason in particular, there are three options for you to consider. 

  1. You can call the local dealership and ask them to provide you with a new pair. 
  2. You can call the local locksmith and ask them if they qualify to rekey or replace BMW car keys. 
  3. You can go for a “blank” replacement car key fob online and ask your dealership or locksmith to reprogram it so it may work with your BMW car. 

To make use of any of these options, it’s important that you provide some form of verification that you own the BMW. For instance, every vehicle key comes with its own specific VIN number, so if you want a BMW car key remade, you can always present this information to a car dealer or a locksmith. 

It will authenticate that you’re the rightful owner of the vehicle, and they will provide you with a new car key. 

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How Do Auto Locksmith Reprogram BMW Car Key Fobs? 

For a locksmith, reprogramming a BMW car key fob usually involves a few necessary steps. They do have the required specialized equipment & the necessary knowledge of the specific procedure. 

To give you a general overview of how a locksmith handles BMW programming, here are the steps: 

1- Accessing the Programming Mode:

Locksmiths use diagnostic tools or specialized programming devices to access the programming mode of BMW’s electronic control unit (ECU) or immobilizer system.

2- Verification of Ownership:

Before initiating any reprogramming, locksmiths may need to verify ownership of the vehicle to ensure they have the legal right to perform the key fob reprogramming.

3- Inserting the Master Key or Programming Tool:

A master key or a programming tool is often required to start the reprogramming process. The locksmith inserts the master key into the ignition or uses the programming tool as per the specific model’s requirements.

4- Entering Programming Mode:

The locksmith follows manufacturer-specific steps to enter the programming mode, which may involve a sequence of actions such as turning the key in the ignition to a certain position or pressing buttons on the key fob.

5- Clearing Existing Key Codes:

In some cases, existing key codes stored in the ECU may need to be cleared before adding a new key. This step ensures that only authorized keys will work with the vehicle.

6- Adding New Key Fob Information:

The locksmith introduces the new key fob to the programming system. This is done by either pressing buttons on the new key fob or using the programming tool to transfer the key’s information to the vehicle’s ECU.

7- Exiting Programming Mode:

Once the new key fob information is successfully added, the locksmith exits the programming mode and tests the functionality of the new key to ensure it works as intended.

But then again, every automobile locksmith has their own way of auto locksmithing things, so we can’t say for sure that this is the exact way of doing it. More or less, all automobile locksmiths follow a similar guideline to recreate any car key, may it be BMW, Ford, Cadillac, GMC, Jeep, Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Mercedes, or any other renowned automobile brand. 

Lost Your BMW Car Key? 

Have you recently lost your BMW car key and are in need of a fresh new pair? Looking for an automobile locksmith skilled in offering you a BMW car key? Look no further than our professional locksmith. 

We can make any car key with absolute ease. Whether you’ve lost your BMW car key, GMC car key, Toyota car key, Honda car key, Chevrolet car key, Mercedes car key, or any other car model key, our team can provide you with a fresh new pair momentarily. Reach out to EZ Locksmith for car key services!

Table of Contents

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